Monday, December 17, 2007

500 years of women in art

Take a moment to revel in the arty goodness!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Sy!

Due to popular demand (and a sweet nudge from Dana), I'm posting some long overdue pics of Sy and his frazzled (but happy!) parents. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here goes nothing

Hiya folks...

Just in case anyone didn't know by now, I'm scheduled to go in for induction tonight (assuming I'm not bumped). Matt and I are walking around with thousand-yard stares and generally useless demeanors, but wish us luck anyway. ;-)

We'll have updates as soon as there are the meantime, have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Books are Closed!

OK then, looks like the votes are in and that it's time to close the books.

**Megan, I went ahead and placed you with September 7th, as it was the only date left and I hadn't heard from you...hope that's OK!

Anyway, the list is as follows and the Foster names are in bold.

August 17th -- Adam
August 18th -- Adam
August 19th -- Grant
August 20th -- Angie
August 21st --
Joy, Amyjeen (friend in Denver)
August 22nd -- Elizabeth
August 23rd -- Mark
August 24th -- Jeff
August 25th -- Dana
August 26th -- Ben (my co-worker)
August 27th --
Kristen, Vanessa (friend in Baltimore)
August 28th -- Matt
August 29th -- Margaret
August 30th --
Drew, Hannah (my niece)
August 31st -- Mickey
September 1st -- Linda (friend in Baltimore)
September 2nd -- John R. (friend in Philly), Theresa (friend in Denver)
September 3rd -- Matt K (friend in Philly), Shirl (my mom)
September 4th -- Carrol (friend in Denver)
September 5th -- Tyler
September 6th -- Donna (my sister), Colleen (friend in Baltimore)
September 7th -- Megan, Jeremy (friend in Baltimore)

Good luck, everyone. I'll just be here, suffering in late-term abject misery until this little contest plays itself out, boo-hoo...

**Actually, I'm fine -- only somewhat miserable, really! ;-)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Place yer bets, place yer bets!

Given the undeniable Foster proclivity toward competition, I thought it might be fun to start the Wendi and Matt Baby Pool -- essentially, to see which (if any) of us can predict the date that I'll give birth. Given that there's 21 days left until my due date and NOT (or should I say, "not yet!") that many Fosters, I'm not going to subdivide into hour slots. Simply pick a date and let that be your vote!

To further clarify, today is the 9th, and my due date is August 30th. Additionally, my OB has told me that if Sy isn't here by the 6th of September (7 days after my due date) he will want to induce (not sure if he meant "on that day" or near it).

I'm feeling just fine today, thanks, so I'm going to put the time frame in the four weeks between Friday, August 10th and Friday, September 7th. Again, I know that's more days than there are Fosters, but I'm going to see if I can get my own family and friends in on this too.

And of course everyone wants to know what the pot is for the contest...well, not much, save of course for the baseless, glowing satisfaction that stems from making a lucky call about something completely inconsequential (and we all know how fun THAT is!).

But to sweeten the deal literally and figuratively, I'll throw in the additional prize of a homemade (by me!) dessert of the winner's choice. If a Foster is the winner, then the jackpot will very probably be shared and enjoyed by the entire family this Thanksgiving (with the winner of course getting first dibs). If no Foster wins...well, then you all get nothing and like it. ;-P

Okay, here are the votes I have so far:

Matthew: August 28th
Ben (my co-worker): August 26th
Donna (my sister): September 6th (is her mean streak showing or what?)
Linda (friend from Baltimore): September 1st
Matt K
(friend from Philadelphia): September 3rd
Jeff: August 24th
Angie: August 20th

Bring 'em on, folks!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bigger than life...

...or so I seem to myself these days, yikes! :-S

Anyway, sorry I've been so absent in the blogosphere of late, but I'll try to get a decent post up sometime this weekend. In the meantime, here's a photo that was just taken a few minutes ago by my co-worker Ben. Things are truly getting massive here at the 36 week mark!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Garrison Keillor on libraries

A woman in my department at the Denver Public Library sent a link to this opinion piece about libraries by Garrison Keillor (of Prairie Home Companion fame). Mr. Keillor views libraries as a sort of sanctuary from a world that can be pretty ugly (particularly the world of politics), and I'm inclined to agree with him -- to a point.

The atmosphere here in the "main branch" can be intimidating to those who are not seasoned to the seedier aspects of urban life; one former employee here was known to describe the library as "the city's largest homeless shelter", and it's hard to argue with that observation, especially during the winter months.
I won't attempt to sugarcoat the many unpleasant and even violently disruptive events that have occurred in recent years at my place of work -- rampant vandalism, drunken disorderly behavior, "misuse" (euphemism of the year!) of computers with internet access, assault, etc. It's all too common in Central, and it can have the unfortunate repercussion of driving patrons away from the positive things our branch has to offer.

Nonetheless, libraries for me have always been a haven. I spent much time in them as a child, and even if I wasn't spending my time as I was supposed to (e.g., checking out fiction or personal interest nonfiction instead of doing research for yet another dull school assignment), I truly felt at home. Where else could an introverted misfit bookworm such as myself bask in the glow of so much literature? (Mind you, this was well before the advent of such big-box bookstores as Borders or Barnes and Noble).

Anyway, I suppose it's no accident that I ended up working in a library, although to be honest I never really considered it as an option prior to taking my current position in March of 2002. So more power to Keillor, more power to me *grin*, and please support your local libraries -- regardless of how many sketchy types you may find hanging out in them on occasion. Libraries are an extremely valuable resource and they must be cherished! Thank you. :-)